Monday, July 09, 2007

100 art things to do

My friend amy sent me an email with 100 art things to do in it at least 2 months ago and I saw it at the time thinking - fab this will be some fun things to do. I however forgot about the email in the depths of my inbox knowing I would get back to it at some point but not sure when. So I dug it out today and printed off the list to have another look at some of the things on it and which one's I might do. One's I am thinking of doing
1) Draw an image, copy it three times and colour each differently/with different colours - I always like this effect on things and love colour
6) Draw a short comic of 3-7 panels - could be interesting as never really done a comic before but could be a laugh
57) Draw an imaginary/existing building - I like castles!
68) Listen to a song and illustrate what it reminds you of or what visuals it bringd to your mind - love music so this is right up my alley
69) Close your eyes and draw 5 scribbles on a piece of paper. Then try to make a drawing or character out of each scribble. You can add on to each as much as you like, but you can't erase any part of the scribble - all the time I make dots and then join together to make a character, often a monster but its fun.

There are many others obviously but i think these are the ones I am going to start with - maybe you also would be interested to try?

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