Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ATC finally done

Thats right I finally did the 3rd and final ATC to be able to send off my 3 ATC's for Ellen's I love surprises part 2 swap. Only taken me like 2-3 months I do believe. But it is done now and after the postal strike I will be sending them off which makes me happy.

I made use of some of the cool old newspaper style adverts that were printed all over these paper pages that were sent to me by Sissy. They are for an art place I think and you can buy them in bulk - Sissy sent me like 15 and every now and then I have looked at the and thought, how can I make use of them to no avail. However when searching through the drawer yesterday I also found some wallpapers that I had been sent and I realised AH HA the adverts on top of the wallpaper would look fab. So i created the background of the ATC and the scoured the adverts to see what I could use. In the end I cut out two pictures of ladies of like the olden days, one appearing to wear a corset. Then I cut out some of the words of the adverts, layered the words on the back of different wallpaper and Alakazam I had an ATC!

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