Monday, June 25, 2007

Journal, postcards and more

Yes after much time of not finding any time to do art stuff I found time this sunday to do some serious art stuff. So much so that I actually finished my zines for serendipity's zine swap and I was very proud. I have had the photocopied pages lying around for a while but not cut up to size and not front covers for them. But I got myself on the job, cut all the pages to size which took some time but was totally worth it when I made the front covers and had finally finished them. I did the front covers in a variety of colours to make it more fun and i made envelopes for them all. I mailed them out this afternoon on my way between meetings so the 1st 10 are in the post heading to their destinatations. I make more copies of this zine to send to more people on the postal press list or I might think about making another zine. I am not sure as I had quite alot of trouble thinking of what to write about in my zine, plus there are so many people on the postal press list and I only sent to 10 so I may make another batch in the near future - depends whether I find some time to fit it in.

Apart from this I got round to making postcards for my swap on livejournal. These are my 2 summer themed postcards which I made for people and they went out in the post today as well. It was very satisfying to get so much mail in the post. Anything now I am going to leave until after friday so they won't get caught up in the backlog of post from the strike. I also had made my love postcard which went in the post end of last week.

Also over the weekend I did some work on one of the journals going round in our ATC group and I have nearly finished the pages for one. I was just waiting for some glitter and paint to dry and trying to find the sequins I have, that have disappeared. That was saturday and I was very glad to get that done as it means one more journal to do before I send them off. I am worried they have been delayed a bit but I have found little time in the evenings for art. I started a new work placement last monday and I have been super busy since then - this is a much more demanding job and so I have little time for others things during the day. I often don't get home until 6:30 - 7pm at which point I am knackered leaving me little inspiration and motivation to do some art stuff. Which is a shame and I am sure I will kind of have to force myself because once you get going you normally get into it but its that initial start. So once i have done the final piece of the journal page I shall put it on here for all to see. All in all a productive weekend!

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