Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring fun

Last night I decide to get in the spirit of spring and get moving on my spring postcards. In the end I made two. I bought a couple of years ago a 365 day calender about scrapbooking in that each page can be used to scrapbook. I had done nothing with it until this year and picked out a couple of pages to make use of in spring postcards. One had a nice flowery background and I took some tags from a craft magazine to spell spring across. I really like the effect it made and actually used brads rather than just glue them down. Just sitting here now I have realised I could have put hidden pictures behind them and you could have moved the tags to reveal them. I will use that in a future postcard - I like the idea.

My other postcard is a bit more random. I used another page, it has a flowery border and then took some pictures from a different page to put in the corners. I think found a spring chicken tag as such. That looked cute in the middle but I realised something was still missing. So i dug out some flowery confetti and put that like snowflakes on the page. After creating it I decided it would probably have looked better without the corner images but they were already there.

Finally I finished off an Easter ATC I had been working on. I only needed to glue the final flowers on it but I think they just added a final touch to the card.

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Cayleigh said...

those are very cute :)