Monday, March 03, 2008

Journal Page

I did a small amount or artwork over the weekend. I was away and didn't really take anything with me however what I did take was my journal and a 4 colour biro. Working on the basis of zentangles which really is done on an ATC sized card/paper I purposely doodled in my journal. It was an interesting experience. I stopped and started a couple of times as I was travelling on a train and such but over the weekend I ended up with a finished page. At first my doodle looked like an eye which I wrote about but I had lots of balnk space on the page and I didn't want to leave it like that. So I decided to use a totally different colour (I had been using blue and black up until this point) and I started doing little squares in red. As you can see the finished project (photo to be added tomorrow) it ended up looking like a tunnel to me. I like the effect it created but hoped people can still see the eye. I was pleased with this page and I enjoyed creating it. It was quite calming which zentangles are supposed to be so from that perspective it was.

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