Monday, March 10, 2008

Inchies and journals

Been a little while since I updated because it appears I did not update at all last week - tsk tsk, plus I had things to talk about. So I got all my spring inchies done in one day, thats right 13 inchies in one day - I am not quite sure how I managed it but I did, I went on a theme as such making all 13 similar so I am guessing that helped. I have found inchies to be tricky before because of their small size but I just went with the flow this time and didn't worry to much and they came to me. I only have a picture on my phone (my camera had no batter power) so I will post a picture once I sort out getting it off my phone. But they all had bugs or flowers on them on either a green or yellow gingham background. They looked very cute and seasonal.

I also did lots of journalling work on Friday night. Having received 3 journals through the post from norma, sitting there when I got home from work that day and still having my own to complete (which I am glad I hadn't started as I thought we were making ATC's to go on them but not in this round) I felt I should get started so that I can send on to Katz as I felt like I had been holding things up (although wanted to send 2 journals together so had been waiting for them to come through). So Having had a flick through them earlier in the evening I had another look and was inspired to create in Vix's journal which was on friendship.
I found some background paper I liked, wrote how I felt about friendship in some of them and then thought about how to embellish, did the butterflies and then had quick search through my stash thinking what would fit. I had everything in but the kitten picture when I remembered about it and thought it would be perfect.

Then I though I better make my own so looked back through my papers and decided to cover it with musical paper. Thought be best to keep my page to the same theme but only a bit of paper left but looked better with the blue behind. Right from when I started the journal I kept thinking Money makes the world go around from Cabaret in my head so felt I should include. Once I had that done, my mind wandered to the music cat stickers I knew I had and bingo a page was created. Its not fancy but I like it.

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