Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Organisation is key

Thats right I have got a new organiser which is great as the 3 drawers I had just didn't hold it all and Sam wanted to get it all put away together so we bought a 7 drawer thing from B&Q and I managed to fill up 5 drawers very neatly with all my bits and pieces. Well it started neat and tidy but since I have done some bits with it, it is not so any more :) I will sort it out again. If I keep it tidy it will be easier to find things, it just when you are in the flow, tidiness is not on your mind. That was actuallyabout a week and a half ago but it has made a difference plus whilst sorting through I found some new stuff.

I refound illustration friday as Lia started doing some pieces for it and I thought I would have a go but as usual did not finish it in the week timeframe, so at the moment I see it as a work in progress as I am unsure whether I want to add colour to it or not - hmmmm a little thought and then I will see. I wonder what this weeks theme is, see if it inspires me :)

I finally got my 4 elements ATC's done, horray - i don't know why its been such a challenge, they are very late so thanks to Julie for being so patient, my idea of what to do changed many times and a hald made card has been discarded for the moment but I am happy with these pastel creations. It was fun to play with the pastels and I learnt a little about blending from Sam which was good. There a bit abstract but I like the water and fire ones the best because they are so abstract.

I also did a little work in my journal. Without a journal to work in at the moment I am trying to work in my own journal as much as possible anyway. I want to try and work in it most days, even if its only a little bit. So i found these trees from a card and I liked the way they looked so decided to do something with them. I did the background and the trees but then was not sure what else I wanted to do however when working on my element ATC's I decided to see if I had a white pastel and see what effect that would have. I like what it did because it is like they are invisible clouds. I think I am going to leave it as it is without words. I think it says more that way.

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