Thursday, August 13, 2009

Apologies as it has been a LONG time since last post.

Well nearly a month which is long to me and totally breaks my once a week new years resolution. Alot has been going on in my life and I am not quite through it yet but I wanted you who still read this to know I am still here, art moving along slowly and will be back to this more often.

I am now a single gal as my partner of 7 years Sam decided he no longer wanted to be with me. We had been engaged for 3 years and although being apart alot over the last 2 years had taken its toll and that we had been very up and down the last couple of weeks, I thought we were going to work on it and make it through. He kept confirming we were going to work on it but as you can see we are not.

So work has been busy which has been keeping me together to a certain extent as I had an important presentation yesterday but following that I have been rather an emotional shambles today, especially with the feedback of the Professor slating us yetserday on me. We are still going to be living together as with the house prices we cannot afford to sell the house and neither of us can move out at the moment. Trying to keep it friendly (he still wants to be friends) but people have helped me realise thats great for him but not for me and that I need to distance myself from him so am in no friendship mode as it hurts to be friends as it feels like nothing has changed. I don't know if he's realised we're not being friends but I kept to my own room yesterday watching "he's just not that into you" that obviously made me cry like a baby :)

So arts not so much happening at the moment although have been still cross stitching so got things moving along. I am to America for 3 weeks on the 25th August, staying with my family just outside DC and very much looking forward to it. Will be just the space and break I need.

So hope you are all well out there and I will hopefully be a bit more present on here.

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