Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Had been doing so well

I really had been keeping up with my new years resolution and then April comes and it all goes to pot. That does not mean I am giving up, just that I am admiting I failed but am getting back on the horse.
Saying that I don't have any pictures to add as I am at work so no camera although I did make a journal page saturday morning so I will add that on as an update soon.

So little bits and pieces of art have been happening, many idea's not may being seen to happen but work has been busy as well as having assignments due for my CIPD which of course I leave to the last minute. So I handed one in last weds and my other one is due in tomorrow and I have ALOT of work still to do on it. But I still have work so ploughing on with work stuff at the moment and then going to stay late tonight in the office to work on my assignment as it should stop me getting distracted at home!

So apologies for lack of updates but once that assignment is in, that should change til we get round to exam time end of May. The rats have really grown and we gave five boys to the adoption centre so now only have 22 rats. The girls are all in the big cage with their mums and the boys are the smaller cage. We plan to sell them soon which will leave us with the three mums and we are going to keep one baby. Huskey's only girl as she very different colouring to all the rest of the girls therefore I have a soft spot for her. No naming has happened yet as don't want to get too attached to them when we are not keeping them.

So thats it for now, Work, College, Rats and some seeing people. I promise a more arty update in the next couple of days

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