Wednesday, April 15, 2009

too long since an update

can't believe its been like over 10 days since an update. I had done so well with my once a week update for my new years resolution but I will keep at it. Mainly not very much on the art front has been going on and with Easter and us being away visiting Sam's parents I didn't really go online. What I did do was quite a bit of stitching so it is coming along nicely.

As for the rats, they are growing well too. Looking cuter everyday and part of us wishes we could keep them all but its not possible. Plus if you look at the cage suddenly it can freak you out if they are all at the front. Its like Ah. So much going on un-art related at the moment, trying to finish one assignment for weds and then one for the week after. Also got an interview on Monday for a role due the restructure of RM. Alot to think about and arts not getting a look in with all my time disappearing. Although maybe now is the time for Art to get some of my feelings out.

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