Saturday, May 09, 2009

And it gets worse

After thinking woohoo I will do some more updating, I can see it has been probably a couple of weeks since my last post. I don't know where the time has gone and its not because I haven't done any art because I have done little bits and pieces. Admitedly I have been busy at the weekends and busy with work during the week but you can always make time for updating therefore I need to be better.
It was a busy couple of days Thursday and Friday with me working like 10/11 hour days both days cos we were busy with shortlisting. So I was so glad to get to the weekend. Today I bought a scooter (I will post a picture tomorrow). I would have preferred a motorbike but what I want to use it for, getting to the station quick for work, nipping here and there without worrying about parking - the scooter is going to be perfect because I can just get on it and go and leave my helmet under the seat. Its a Yamaha Neo's and I have named it Neil.
Then we spent loads of time digging big bushes out of our front garden to make an extra parking space.

Anyway on to the art. Here are a couple of journal pages I have been working on recently. I have done a couple of others in another journal which I will look to update about tomorrow. These have been done at random times, in random places whenever I have had a little time and been inspired. This first one I did when I crashed at a friends after a gig and woke up earlier than him. I had a magazine with me and when I saw this picture I had to journal it. There is something so great about the super woman picture and I like the shape of the person I cut out as it gives the writing a boundary. You can imagine you are the person who can't be seen.

This is a work in progress, I had something to say and wanted to get it down but the page is plain so I want to add to it but am not sure what yet. I will see when inspiration hits me.

This is me having fun with the inkpads I bought a while ago. I bought 30 small inkpads which were in sale and had not even opened them. So i opened them one by one and onto the page they went. I like the effect although unfortunately it went through the paper slightly. So it is a background but again I have not decided what to add to it but I know it when I do :)

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