Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mail in, Nothing Out

It was my birthday at the weekend as that kept me busy with drinks out with friends saturday night and then family do on the sunday as I share my birthday with my Grandad and he turned 80 this year. So not much art took place but quite a bit of drinking and eating.

Mail had been slow recently but now we have fit february it has perked up again which is nice. The cookbook that the blindswap ATC girls had been working on finally turned up and a beauty it is too. So many recipes inside as well, I am looking forward to giving some of them a go.

Also from a penpal group on Livejournal we are having a journal swap and the first one turned up for me to work in. Its a good size so looking forward to just having fun with it. Shirley also included a little book for me which is nice. Its always nice to receive extra's.

Apart from that been chatting a little online with people, getting to know some of the people on Artistic Avante Garde a bit better which is nice. Its always good to get to know new people who you can share your art with and learn from. Managing to keep on top of updating my blog, not as often as I'd like but have been doing it at least once a week so keeping to my resolution so far :)

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