Monday, February 23, 2009

Awesomest kit

I got some of the most awesome stuff. Firstly is this awesome scrapbooking kit which I picked up from CostCo when we joined at the weekend. It was worth joining up for that alone as it has sooooo many different pieces in it as well containing an 8" scrapbook and a 12" scrapbook. I had a look at some of the bits and plan to make some time to really think about what pages I want to create as I have so many photos. The question is when I will find the time.

Then my friends Jenny and Steve sent me awesome birthday gift, one of which was Watchmen Comic and the other was a make your own wire jewellery which looks awesome. I am already thinking what beads I could get to make great stuff and haven't even started making anything yet. There is this great bead shop on Gloucester road where you can get lessons in making jewellery and they sell loads of beads. Once I get the hang of it, I am totally heading there for some great beads.

Yesterday I watched Juno which was a great film, really loved it and whilst doing that I also continued with my cross stitch which was nice as it meant I managed to get quite a bit done and I felt like I really made use of my time by doing two things at once which was nice. Its not moving as quickly as I would wanted to work on at least one a month and we are nearly at the end of Feb. So much to do, so little time.

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