Saturday, February 07, 2009


Its been a good art week as having finished my exams I have had some time to spend as well as having had idea's and wanting to try out new thins. So I took a couple of the backgrounds that I painted last Sunday and added to them. The blue one made me think of reeds at the edge of a river so I didn't want to add to much to this so instead commented on what I saw in it. The other page was created as I had been flicking through magazines and had seen some images I liked so had picked them out to possibly play with at a later date. This image of the girl appealed to me, there was something swedish feeling about it. I had just torn it out so hadn't really though about the words surrounding it but when I started looking at the article with it, some of the words I associated it with the picture so decided to make use of them as well.

This final page I had been wanting to try adding the extra of the picture myself through drawing and although it didn't it quite go as planned I still enjoyed it. And it is something that I will keep working on as I think it creates an interesting effect. I kept the other half of the page to help me draw the image but I did the grafitti myself. I had planned to put more grafitti behind it but were unsure what to put. I might use the top half of the picture for another page and see what I create for the grafitti behind it.

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