Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy busy busy

Thats right as usual I have been busy and so my Art has suffered as has this poor blog. But part of it is a lack of time management which I have been studying recently in my CIPD course and so I plan to better at that. Plus I plan to try and update this more as I do little things even if they are only parts of projects and this will keep me in link with my online art buddies.

So today was wet day here in the UK and I got very soaked and cold due to no umbrella. I walked to work from the station to find the Mail Centre on Fire which meant I spent the next 40mins in the carpark before heading back to the station to get back on a train to Bristol. I was very cold and wet. But quick trip home for a change of clothes and then into Bristol Mail Centre to work.

In terms of Art I received my journal back from Lia at the weekend which made me a happy bunny. We had started so well with our work switch back each month but over the end of summer and recently we have both been busy. However both of us have swapped back which gives us a chance to work in our own journals again before switching again. I am going to plan some time in over the next couple of weeks to work in it so I can switch back again. Its fun to see Lia's work and the excitement when you get the journal with new work in is fun.

I have also been cross stitching recently but a pre-prepared pack. I bought a hello kitty bookmark which I am stitching for my friend Frances which I hope to send to her soon as a surprise.

I have also started my Christmas Cards (yes thats right) as the moment its just a couple of small things but I have chosen a couple of designs and painted the front of one card at the weekend to see how well it works. I am test running that design and I will see how the card turns out. So I will keep you all updated.

I don't have any photo's as I cannot find my cable at the moment to link my camera to my computer but once I do there will be some pictures to share. Hopefully I will find it tonight!

Love to all my arty friends and those I haven't met yet :)

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