Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Cards

Thats right I actually started making my Christmas Cards after all the talk that I should do it and kind of picking out designs and such. I have a few works in progress however I do have 2 complete christmas cards that I did this weekend :)

I got the idea from a scrapbooking magazine where someone had made a tag/decoration for their tree from buttons which I thought looked cool so I decided to give it a go on a card and it turned out well I think. Luckily I already had quite a few red and green buttons but I did buy some new papers for the background. This is only one of designs, I am working on a couple of others but no finished products yet!
It made me happy to actually make some christmas cards, I just need to keep moving with it. But achievement helps motivate more achievement :)


Cayleigh said...

Those are so cute!!!

Seuss's Cat said...

Why thanks, they certainly are fun to make however I do wonder how well they will travel in the post. Admitedly I mainly make Christmas cards for Family so give them when I see them but I am thinking it might have to be a padded envelope for sending any cards like this one.