Sunday, October 05, 2008


I have started on some halloween art having started a handmade postcard swap on livejournal in a mail group I am in. Also I like to send candy to my family in the states and saw this great small box idea in one of card making magazines. So I have been busy this weekend making a couple of these boxes. I drew up my plan on a big of paper and then cut it out to check I had all the flaps and such I needed. The example in the magazine was about using die cut to make the box so had to plan it out myself (which I enjoy doing anyway).

It was supposed to have an acetate window in the box so that you can see the candy inside but that would have been more complicated and I worried it would take some of the rigidity out of the box as it is quite thin card.

Then this is my postcard. I bought a cat punch for 29p and I thought it would look good like a cat against the moon. So originally was going to do black cat against white but changed it as thought it would look better. However I might change it up as plan to make a few to send out even though we are only going to have one partner. Its nice to send people mail.

I am just hoping I find the time to make all the halloween boxes, 5 for the kids in America and 2 for my niece and nephew here in the UK. Better get working on it

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