Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas is coming

Now we are in December I am excited, really starting to feel it now. We watched the Santa Claus on saturday evening which I had never seen and enjoyed alot. Always good for puttin in the christmas spirit. I will be watching Elf at some point because I love that film. Not sure if I own it on DVD though. I also need to do some serious christmas shopping as although was good and got some throughout the year, I have done like zero since and therefore I am behind. Need to get on it!

I did step up and do some more work on my Christmas cards last night and so have finished some. I moved on with some of my snowmen cards and I know have 2 big ones complete and 2 small ones. Thinking that I will be getting them out to my oversea's people. My homemade christmas cards are mainly going to family as don't have enough time to make some for friends as well. But did buy some nice winnie the pooh cards so they will still get cheery cards.
I also working on some snowflake cards which involves some folding technique that makes like a giant snowflake which is not too hard to make so I am enjoying making them. I only did one last night but I am planning some more as they will look nice.
I also did some work with some peel off's which I am not always keen on working with but I think in the end it did make a nice effect and although a simple looking card, I still think it looks nice none the less.

Have been busy working on my ATC's for the christmas garland in one of my ATC groups and I am behind as want to get them off in the next couple of days and need to stitch like 12 so need to really but all my spare time into it and get them off ASAP because Erika needs to get them completed and sent off to the overseas people at least so might send those I have done and then send the 2nd batch as quick as I can!

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