Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas Cards

Thats right I have finally started working on my christmas cards and I got lots done last night.

I made some bases for christmas cards -

I made 2 cool snowmen which are going to be the main feature on some of my christmas cards. This was fun, I took the concept from a card magazine which gae me the main instructions and then made it my own a little bit - the main thing being that I am changing the background on which the snowmen will go on - they are quite big snowmen but they look so cute. I just need to work out how I am going to do their eyes. Shall I get some black brads? As you can see I didn't get black brads, I just used pens to make eyes in the end.

I also started a stocking card which is cut in the shape of a stocking. Only done the basic on it at the moment, added red in the middle and then over where the white and red meet put silver glitter glue across to make it sparkle and give a nice smooth cross over as such. I need to think about how I am going to jazz up the card - they had some ideas for it in the magazine I got the main idea from but I want to do my own thing - just need to work out what I think will work.
I still have not worked out how to jazz this card up yet but have not really taken the time either.

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