Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Finally an update

Yes I have been rubbish and I apologise to you all. Mainly its being busy with work which is my main access to the internet, I could give more excuses but why, they are excuses and no fun. So on to some fun stuff. This ATC is from Michael Leigh who sent it to me which was nice as well as saying how much he enjoyed readin my blog which was also nice. I did not realise he read my blog so maybe there are others out there who read the blog but never comment. It made me happy to know some people read this rather than me doing it for no reason.
In terms of me doing art, there has been some action finally. I finally finished the puzzle piece I was for Sissy, where she sent everyone out a piece, they decorated and sent back and she is going to put the puzzle back together. I just need to get to the post office to send it and I'll be all good. I have forgotten to take a picture of it though. Music on the background and different coloured punched notes scattered across it.
I also have finished my ATC's for the bonfire swap I am hosting on Mixed Media Group and I again have not taken picture but I have not sent these yet so I will add them in the next couple of days. I used thread to make fireworks on a dark blue background. It gives a good effect.

Finally I have made a start on my H letters for a our christmas garland which is where everyone has a letter and makes in this case 17 of these letters for ATC's exactly the same. We send out letters to the organiser and then they make up the garland with each of the letters and send one out to each participant for them to hang up ready for christmas. I am cross stitching my letters with holly on them as I am doing H, to give it that christmas feel. I am planning to mount it between 2 bits of card but then I haven't decided what other decoration to add to it. But means I am going to have get stitching quick to get them sent off in time for the 1st december so everyone gets their garland in time for christmas.
So I have finally found some time to do some art but it is not enough time!

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