Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I have a problem

a creative problem and that is that I worry too much about my work and accepting myself to just create what I want. I don't actually consider and accept I am an artist, I say I do craft bits. I worry about how my work will look compared to other people's and the style of it rather than just going with the flow and coming up with whatever is in my mind. Even now as I have been working in a journal for a journal swap. I write what I want and put bits of the page and I look at it and think "what will others think, I bet they will think it is no good" because I have mainly written on the page, than been arty on the page.
I realise that this is a block to creating some good work because the idea's never make it out of my head onto the paper. I have abused them and then discarded them without even giving them a chance to take life. I am about to leave work and I am going to finish my christmas cards and then I think I am going to just see what Idea comes into my head and run with it. Just see where it takes me. I definately will need to just experiment more and have some fun whilst on my 2 week christmas break from work!
Anyway a bit of a download from my brain :)

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