Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Time ATC's

ATC's galore. The 1st one I have had done for ages apart from the words and I just kept not getting round to it. So I finally printed a number of different sizes at work and then added it on. I really like this ATC - I think the picture is fab and I am going to send it to Pat as part of her scavenger pack.

These next 3 are all part of a "Time" swap I'm taking part in with a UK group and I had to have them sent out by Monday and I made Sunday night. I had the ideas for ages it was about finding the time to make them so when I got back from Sams sunday evening I set about creating them and I really enjoyed it. So we've got one based around a clock and the hand move round so I liked that - deciding what colour to make the clock was tough but these 2 colours just kind of found their way together when I was looking through my different colour papers. Its a nice contract I think.

Then I did one based on old means of telling time so a egg timer as such. I like the though of making the sand glittery to give the card a bit of sparkle. I know its a simple card but I like it.

Then the final one came to me as a last minute idea - so many of us these days base our time around our diaries. I hate the fact when someone asks me if I can do something I have to check my diary but its one of those facts of life. So I though a clip as such of someones diary would be a great way to show the passing of time. I made up the events so its not an actual clip from my diary but some of the things very well could be things that i'd do in a day.

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