Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Scavenger Pack

Thats right I received my scavenger pack from Bonnie in our ATC group and its great. I got some images, lots of fibres, 8 ATC backgrounds, some tacky tape which looks interesting although I am going to have find out what fun things I can do with it. As my surprise she made me this cool christmas themed mini plate, its like a mini carboard sleeve which opens up and there is a glass slide in it which is mounted in with an image behind it. As you can see its something different and she did a great job with it. She included a couple of black ones for me to have a play with so I am glad the glass didn't break during posting.

Also over the weekend I did another journal page. Nothing complicated as I was at Sams at the weekend so no supplies or anything but I like the simpleness of the page and I enjoyed just sitting there and getting engrossed in drawing - trying to make the tree as real life as possible. Drawing is not a strong suit of mine but I enjoy it none the less so sometimes its nice to just draw.

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