Monday, May 14, 2007

Zine and MailArt

I have finally finished writing my zine - it started as a typed zine but then when i received Serendipity's zine i decided I wanted to draw it and I restarted with all new topics. I have done all the pages and photocopied enough to make 10, i just need to trim all the pages and created my front pages. I am probably going to take the front pages with me to do in the states whilst on holiday as I can easily take pens with me to create them. Then when finished I can send to those who are in the states from there and it will cheaper althought possibly confusing to people. I am glad I finally have finished it as I do want to get it out to people. I am keeping the orginal colour copy so then I can make more once these 1st ten are done to send out to others on the postal press list. If you don't know what I am talking about check out as she is the lady that runs this list as such and the one that sent out the zine call. As for mailart I got a piece out to Em the other day is response to my colour call but I have been behind and need to get on this. I have people to send returns to and those who have sent me things, I have not forgotten I am working on it. The postcard I made Em i stitched and I thought the black background helped bring out the colours.

I also created a foot postcard for Michael Leigh's call for Feet were made for walking. My idea is based around all the surfaces our bare feet might touch as we walk places and i try to capture some of them on the foot. His blog with this call on is and he has had a number of feet in so far. There is plenty of time left on this call so be sure to join in. I also discovered Keith Bates website where he is collecting pictures of all Mail Artists to include on his site - its very interesting as you can look for people you have traded with and see what they look like People are listed under the country they are in. Add yourself if you haven't already.

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