Monday, May 14, 2007

Its been nearly a month ....

since i last posted which is terrible - plus its not like I haven't done stuff in that time.

I finished my butterfly swap and got it all sent out. You can see which 6 cards I kept for myself in seuss's cat's post. I have worked on pages for a 2nd journal and I still have another to do. I am not sure what to do for the journal pages but I am going to have a little think tonight.

For Tandy's journal I was just hit with inspiration when I found papers with the different months on. This immediately made me think of how Aprils showers are supposed to bring May's flowers and that was it, that was the idea for me. I used cotton pad and cut it into a cloud shape to make the cloud, there was already an umbrella on the paper so fitting. Then for the ATC i had the flower paper so knew that would be the focal point for the flowers. I wasn't sure what else to put on the ATC so thought stitched butterflies would be nice, I stitched 3 originally thinking I would put them all on the card but they were quite big so I put 2 on the ATC and then the extra one on the April side to join them a bit better. Flower looked best written on the ATC so as not to get in the way of the word MAY and also to add something extra to the card as it seemed slightly empty. To me the page still looked empty so I looked through my box of things and found the flower metal plate - this looked good and gave something extra to the may page.

I am a bit behind with some of my ATC's and need to have them done before I go to the states on friday so its going to be craft to the full these week, with packing as well :) I created 2 Cat ATC's for a kittie swap and I like them. I drew the cat for the black and white one and was impressed as turned out quite good. For the 2nd one I saw the stickers in Hobbycraft and the idea just came from that and thinking what stuff I had that I could put with it. Makes me think of the Jazz cats in the Aristocats. I love that film!

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