Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm back

Well well well, I certainly haven't been on here in a long time, nearly two years in fact. Its not because I gave up on the blog, oh no, it is in fact because it appears I gave up on the art. That doesn't mean I haven't dabbled here and there and not been in a swap or two over the last couple of years but I haven't been really doing that much. And when I did, I wasn't getting the joy I had before, Ideas were hard to come by, I wasn't motivated or inspired. And that makes the fun bit tough.

But today I was inspired. It was a lovely day and for once I wasn't busy with plans to dash off across the country to see friends or go to gigs, I had the day to myself. So I decided to go sit in the sun in a park and on a whim I decided to take a journal I have had for a couple of years from a swap which has been sitting on my windowsill for a couple of years since I moved to Cardiff. So I did some general sketching in my sketchbook my friend Ad bought me for christmas to motivate me to get back into art but so that it motivated him too. Then once I was settled I got out my coloured pens and the journal and for the first time really read the few pages that were already in there. And the thing that got me was Secret Terrabite's zine which is in there and tells the story of how she got into art and started on the journals and how this was no. 136. And reading it, I felt I had let her down, for still having the journal for not having worked on it and passed it on. But also it reminded me that art isn't about pressure to be a certain something or for someone else, but to just play with idea's and have fun. So the first page I did was an apology for her which still needs to be finished off. But the I just outlined idea's on pages of what I would want to do for pages. And by the end I had 8 or so pages of idea's. It was funny how easy they came and so it feels nice to be back in it, to have idea's flowing again. I wonder where everything has been going, what have I been doing with all my idea's and imgaination. And I am not sure, but it feels good to have it back.

So as you can see I got the acrylic paints out this evening and have done some backgrounds. I had a brain freeze when it came to mixing and clearly though blue and yellow would make me purple, of course it didn't, it made me green, but that worked for another page so I made use of it. And then I mixed the purple I wanted. Hoping for another sunny day tomorrow and for dry pages so i can get cracking with some of my idea's.

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