Thursday, July 24, 2008

What to do with all the Art?

I do so much art and take part in all these swaps but I guess the ultimate question is what to do with it all. There is so much lovely stuff and I would like to display some of it but there is only so much space in the house and if I am to display it - How?
I have had in my mind for a while about making my own coffee table book with ATC's in it which would mean making the whole book myself and different pockets to display the ATC's - hopefully making pages in a theme to relate the the ATC's being displayed (I don't have a coffee table) but one of those kind of books people see and have a urge to flick through.
Apart from that I am unsure what to do with it all as well as the many postcards I have collected from penpals and such. I don't want to throw them away because that would be a waste but I don't think storing them forever is the way forward either! Hmmmmm

I did a journal page for the journals we are doing as an ATC group so that one is on its way to Belgium. I did take a picture but don't have my camera at work so will add the picture at a later date. The theme of the book was about the journey of life so I did a page with plants on it showing how we grow.

I am off to Paris tomorrow for a long weekend for a hen do and plan to take a small journal with me (yes I bought a moleskin) so it will be coming with me to capture any great moments or thoughts. My plan is glue, scissors and a couple of pens to keep me going. Don't want to be carrying too much stuff round!

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