Wednesday, September 06, 2006

work, work, work

Been busy working so have had a little less time to do things as such. Been partaking in a few more ATC swaps - joined a UK group and so easier to trade. Just been in a fairytale swap and have received my cards which are nice - had the psychedelic swap back as well. Some lovely cards. I have had all the swaps i am cards back actually and i have some excellent work - so much better than mine but then with practice i should get better. Been working on my recent swaps which are Perform, the 5 senses and Magic. The 5 sense has been fun but a challenge because some things at 1st seemed hard to represent but i am getting there. I am at the beginning of magic and so am just batting my idea's around at the moment but i think this is going to be a fun one.
Had a couple of pieces of mail art, 1 from Jinx from the Postal press list who i just decided to send something and she sent me something back - an altered ATC.
Also found my Alice in Wonderland piece I had sent to Kat but i had not included an address so she has now sent me a nice photo of mushrooms as well - I really like this picture - the mushrooms just look so big.

Been resent the postal press list with a journal project going on and so am working on sending mailart to as many people on the list as i can. Everything takes time!

Just bought some cheap Acrylic paints so had a little play with them - to make a watery background for a postcard. Was good fun and obviously going to take a bit of practice but then thats all a part of progression.

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